Electricity companies around the world have bullied their customers into having their analog hydro meters – which have sufficed for decades, replaced with so-called “Smart” meters, as part of a global push to homogenization, and control of populations through the “smart Grid”, amongst other insane policies and regulations. These meters have cellular/microwave transmitters, which pulse signals to the Hydro Authority continuously. These microwave pulses penetrate the walls of our homes, and add to the electromagnetic fog that we now live in. These pulsed signals can disrupt, as well as damage our DNA. There is also an element of surveillance, as more and more appliances – like refrigerators, stoves, etc., have transmitters in them, which communicate constantly with the meters.

Electra Phi harmonizes the electricity passing through the meters, and by extension, the pulsed signals emitted by them. The harmonization extends to all electrical devices within the home; including Wi-Fi routers, computers, appliances, lighting, etc., rendering them friendly, and even giving a benefit to the user – as discovered through extensive in-house testing.

Electra Phi can also be used to harmonize electric/hybrid vehicles, and in the fuse box of any vehicle to lessen driver fatigue. Modern vehicles emit massive amounts of EMFs. Harmonize your travels!