Aqua Phi large is the best product for use in your fridge for prolonging the life of perishables and for use on your body to alleviate minor discomfort e.g. bruises, menstrual cramps, lower back pain, headaches.

Observed beneficial effects are:

  • Relief of acute and chronic pain when applied to affected area (body is made of a high percentage of water)
  • Extends shelf-life of perishables by up to 300% in the fridge

The development of Aqua Phi was inspired by the concerns of a client, who was experiencing feelings of “Alzheimer-like symptoms” when travelling. Poor water quality – including fluoridation was suspected. After using Aqua Phi to treat food, beverages, shower, the symptoms vanished.

**Aqua Phi has not been assessed by the FDA or any other health agencies. No claims of health benefit are made, or implied. Always seek advice of a medical professional for any health concerns.