Buy a set of 3 Aqua Phi (small, medium and large) and save €54 off of individual pricing.  Then have one to suit all your needs, big and small.

Observed beneficial effects are:

  • Improves taste and softens texture of any liquid (water, coffee, tea, wine, etc.) when placed on top of Aqua Phi
  • Relief of acute and chronic pain when applied to affected area (body is made of a high percentage of water)
  • Extends shelf-life of perishables by up to 300% in the fridge
  • Turns good wine into great wine

The development of Aqua Phi was inspired by the concerns of a client, who was experiencing feelings of “Alzheimer-like symptoms” when travelling. Poor water quality – including fluoridation was suspected. After using Aqua Phi to treat food, beverages, shower, the symptoms vanished.

**Aqua Phi has not been assessed by the FDA or any other health agencies. No claims of health benefit are made, or implied. Always seek advice of a medical professional for any health concerns.